Custom Gaming Pc's

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Build by gamers, for gamers.

You work hard for your money, don't waste it on a cheaply made pre-build PC. Not only do we use quality components in your build but,  we hand make each PC to order then stress test it for 72 hours to ensure years of gaming to come!

We also provide a LIFETIME warranty on all our PC's to give you peace of mind with your purchase, along with remote support Monday- Friday for any simple issues or trouble shooting you might have with a certain program or game. 

Get the best price! We beat the top gaming PC companies (Origin, CLX, Xidax, ect) prices often by 20-35%. Don't believe us? compare for yourself!


You're not just a name on our list, you're family. We have the tools you take you to the next level!

Evolv Gaming- The best prices for all your custom PC and streaming needs, with a industry leading LIFETIME warranty. 

Evolv Clothing Co.- Your brand, repersented. We work hard to get you the best quaility items at the lowest cost. 

Evolv Studios- In house graphic design for streamers, gamers, content creators, and professionals. Don't know how to bring your brand to life? Let us help!

We're one of you

Our staff consists of gamers and streamers like you. We know what you want. We know the gaming community and what the fans want. 

Don't trust just anyone to bring your gameplay to the next level. We are one of you and understand what you need to grow!

You'll always see us out in the community rather it be in your stream, playing some games with you, or hosting monthly tournaments for Apex, Warzone, Smash, ect.

Join our discord to checkout exclusive deals and network with other gamers like yourself! -

May Streamer of The Month - Total Khaos

Meet Total Khaos. Brand Ambassador for Evolv Gaming and Evolv Clothing Co. 

Total Khaos has a strong community on Facebook Gaming with his pro apex game play, games with followers, and random late night horror game streams.

Follow him here -